No matter your profession, client mental health matters! It impacts how and why they make every decision. This is also true for you and your colleagues.

The benefits of mastering this body of knowledge include:

1) Life-long and multi-generational clients, instead of one time transactional clients.
2) Increase your bottom line!
3) Direction in even the most difficult conversations with colleagues and clients.
4) No more "toxic", unprofitable clients!
5) Improve your own mental health so you can love your life and the important work you do!

Welcome to this Course

Mental Health for Professional Relationships Certificate

The workplace and finances are the number one causes of stress for the majority of people

Some jobs may carry a higher personal risk than others (e.g. first responders and humanitarian workers), which can have an impact on mental health and be a cause of symptoms of mental disorders. In fact, this is true for most helping professions...but did you think of being a lawyer, financial advisor, realtor, insurance broker or other professions as "helper jobs?" Well, they are!

These professionals are exposed to clients experiencing various traumas on a daily bases and it takes an enormous personal toll.

These health consequences can have costs for employers in terms of reduced productivity and increased staff turnover; not to mention missed professional opportunities. They can also have a negative impact on family and social interactions.

Use the tools in this certificate course to take you and your career to the next level!

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    Unit 1 - Mental Health for Professional Relationships Practitioners

    • Lesson 1/1 - Mental Health for Professional Relationships Practitioners

    • Video - Raymond Tang - Be humble

    • Article - Why A Growth Mindset Is Essential For Career Success

    • Video Req - Fixed Mindset Parable

    • Video - How I Am Fighting Bias in Algorithms

    • Progress Check - Unit 1

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    Unit 2 - Introduction to Mental Health in the Workplace

    • Lesson 1/2 - Introduction to Mental Health in the Workplace v1

    • Lesson 2/2 - Introduction to Mental Health in the Workplace

    • Article - 6 Causes of Burnout Article

    • Article - Mayo Clinic Mental Illness

    • Article - 4 Women On What It is Really Like to Live with a Mental Illness

    • Article - Mental health promotion and mental health care in refugees and migrants

    • Article - Dementia and Finances

    • Progress Check - Unit 2

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    Unit 3 - Quality Communication

    • Lesson 1/3 - Quality Communication

    • Worksheet - Name that Emotion

    • Lesson 2/3 - Quality Communication

    • Article Req - 12 Common Biases That Affect How We Make Everyday Decisions

    • Video - Amy Cuddy: Your Body Language May Shape Who You Are

    • Worksheet - Positive Intent

    • Worksheet - Balanced Life

    • Tips - Mental Reset

    • Tips - Stop Negative Thoughts

    • Article - When Science Meets Mindfulness

    • Lesson 3/3 - Quality Communication

    • Progress Check - Unit 3

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    Unit 4 - Motivating to Action

    • Lesson 1/1 - Motivating to Action

    • Article - Motivational Interviewing

    • Tips - Motivational Funnel

    • Tips - OARS

    • Progress Check - Unit 4

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    Unit 5 - De-escalation Communication

    • Lesson 1/1 - Verbal De-escalation

    • Tips - 10 Tips for De-escalation

    • Tips - Recognize React Respond Model

    • Worksheet - Psychological Health and Safety Worksheet

    • Tips - MHPR Office Sign

    • Body Scan at Your Desk

    • Progress Check - Unit 5

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    Unit 6 - Conclusion and Summary

    • Lesson 1/2-Psychological Health and Safety at Work

    • Lesson 2/2 - Summary and Conclusion

    • Final Exam

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    • Final Survey

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Meet Your Instructor

Adam Wiseman

Adam Wiseman is passionate about everything related to workplace mental health and helping professionals achieve better outcomes. He is always excited to help people build more productive relationships with their colleagues, clients and themselves. This is why he founded Quality Mental Health Interventions Training and Consulting in 2018.

Adam has spoken and trained more than 10,000 professionals (ie. financial advisors, managers, lawyers, ombudsmen, police officers and more) across Canada, the United States and Europe on the subject of mental health for professional relationships. He is a certified Psychological Health and Safety in the Workplace Advisor with 20 years of experience working in the mental health field. Adam has also been certified in Violent Threat/Risk Assessment (VT/RA), and as a Suicide Alertness Trainer and Senior level Nonviolent Crisis Intervention instructor.

What Students Are Saying

I had high expectations and they were exceeded

Kristyn H

I have seen Adam Wiseman present live several times and I always learn something new. I expected the same from this course but wow, I got so many takeaways that I can put into practice immediately. I definitely recommend this course.

For anyone who works with clients and finances

Steven S

I did the whole training in one day! It literally changed my practice and I have already seen big results. Every lesson had something new for me to use. It isn't magic, but it feels that way! My most challenging client is now the one I look forward to seeing the most! These skills work.

I wish I took this sooner!

Sophie W

I not only learned how to better support people experiencing mental health challenges, but I also learned more about what I need to take care of my own wellbeing.