Did you know, over 70% of entrepreneurs experience poor mental health?

This can be anything from stress to burnout to breakdown and we here at QMHI Training and Consulting know that it’s all preventable.

Whether you are planning on launching your business, working freelance, or you have been running your own business for a number of years, it’s important to prioritise your mental health and wellbeing.

It is time to take your health to the next level!

Finding ways to prevent the issues that often arise from entrepreneurship such as chronic stress can be pivotal in protecting your mental health and wellbeing.

Focusing on your mental health instead of work will reduce your risk of burning out and will stand in your favor in the long run. Even from a business standpoint, failing to invest in your mental health is just as detrimental to your success as not investing in your company.

How can you expect to manage a business if you can’t look after yourself?

So not only for your own personal benefit but for the benefit of your business — take the time to invest in yourself. This course consists practical ways that you can protect your mental health and practice self-care as an entrepreneur.

Course Curriculum

  • 1

    Psychological Health and Safety Workbook for Entrepeneurs

    • Workbook

  • 2

    Entrepeneur Mental Health

    • Entrepeneurs and Mental Health

  • 3


    • Entrepeneur Mental Health

Meet Your Instructor

Adam Wiseman

Adam Wiseman is passionate about everything related to workplace mental health and helping professionals achieve better outcomes. He is always excited to help people build more productive relationships with their colleagues, clients and themselves. This is why he founded Quality Mental Health Interventions Training and Consulting in 2018.

Adam has spoken and trained more than 10,000 professionals (ie. financial advisors, managers, lawyers, ombudsmen, police officers and more) across Canada, the United States and Europe on the subject of mental health for professional relationships. He is a certified Psychological Health and Safety in the Workplace Advisor with 20 years of experience working in the mental health field. Adam has also been certified in Violent Threat/Risk Assessment (VT/RA), and as a Suicide Alertness Trainer and Senior level Nonviolent Crisis Intervention instructor.